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Microsoft and Linspire Sign Patent Deal

Linspire is the latest company to sign a deal with Microsoft
Even though the two companies used to be fierce rivals, it was just announced that Microsoft and Linspire signed a Windows and Linux interoperability agreement.  The agreement will make sure Linspire operating system users are not in violation of Microsoft intellectual patents and property.  Much like other agreements made by Microsoft, the agreement will "enhance interoperability and expand the functionality of Linspire."

Linspire is likely best known for promoting the the "Lindows" operating system, a Linux distribution traditionally used on low-price consumer desktops.

The Microsoft Live Search service will become the default Internet search engine for Linspire users.  Also, future versions of Linspire will support Windows Media 10 video and audio codecs, allowing for media files to be better shared between the two operating systems.

"Linspire has always been about choice, and this announcement continues our tradition of offering options for improved interoperability, enhanced functionality and confidence," said Kevin Carmony, Linspire chief executive.

Microsoft grabbed headlines late last year after both Microsoft and Steve Ballmer made a claim on Linux code and patents.  The company said Linux infringes on as many as 235 Microsoft patents, a claim vehemently denied by members of the open source community.   

Microsoft has signed multiple agreements with different Linux providers.  The company has already signed cross-licensing deals with Novell, Samsung and Xandros, LG Electronics, with more agreements on the horizon.