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Optimizing High-definition Programming Streaming video software


MPEG4IP gives us end-to-end system to explore MPEG-4 multimedia also includes many existing open source packages and the "glue" to integrate them together. The solution for streaming video and audio that is standards-oriented and free from proprietary protocols and extensions.

Video conversion: Transcode

Transcode is a linux text-console utility for audio/video stream processing and transcoding between different formats and codecs, complete documentation and sourcecode are available @

Example. commandline video format conversion

convert videos from MPEG2 to MPEG4, resizing to half-PAL size, encode with MP3 64Kbit/s audio and WindowsMediaPlayer compatible 300Kbit/s video:

 ~ #transcode -i mpeg2/video.mpg \
-y ffmpeg -F msmpeg4 \
-Z 300x240,fast -w 300 \
-V -N 0x55 -b 64 \
-o mpeg4/video.mpg

To get the desired level of performance and to meet demands for editing high-definition video streams, Adobe has taken advantage of the broad range of software tools, products, and technical resources from the Intel Software group. Through collaboration with Intel, Adobe realized significant performance gains and product improvements in Premiere Pro, providing the application with the capability to work with data-intensive HD media streams in real-time without noticeable loss of quality. Read this article to understand how Intel is Optimizing High-definition Video Editing Software and how the Intel Software Group can help you.

Meeting the challenges of high-definition video
Working with the emerging high-resolution digital video formats—including high-definition (HD) and beyond—imposes new demands on the systems that filmmakers and post-production professionals use for capturing, storing, and editing footage. As the resolution of acquisition systems increases to capture and store many more pixels, the compute resources and sustained data throughput requirements for editing increase exponentially thanks to the two-dimensional nature of the source data. The interactive and nonlinear nature of the editing process requires that the editor be able to preview changes, which means that the editing software must be able to modify and render images quickly without significant loss of resolution.