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Bookmarks on Places now enabled for Firefox 3 alpha 5

The Firefox Places team has been hard at work to get the bookmarks portion of Places in shape for it to go out with Firefox 3 Alpha 5 scheduled later this month.  And we are excited to let you all know that last week we enabled the Places implementation of bookmarks on the trunk.  Although there is still much to be done, this is an important milestone for us.

There are a few points we would like to make right away, to avoid any confusion, tears, and/or death threats:

  • Backup your bookmarks data before starting.  It’s just common sense. Now, we do back up your bookmarks.html (to bookmarks.preplaces.html) in case the worst happens, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have your own copy somewhere safe?
  • Migration from bookmarks.html -> places.sqlite will happen only once.  From then on, bookmarks.html will be kept up to date with changes in the db, but not the other way around.  This means that after initial import, if you make any changes to bookmarks.html (say, by running Firefox 2 and editing your bookmarks) you will need to manually export them and re-import them into the bookmark-on-places nightly .
  • There are rough edges; please wear your hard hat at all times. Remember that the UI is still being designed (e.g., tagging UI thread), and don’t be surprised to find some regressions, both functional and in performance.  However, that said, we would love for you to tell us about your experience.
  • In addition to bugzilla and the newsgroups, we usually hang out on #places on mozilla irc.  Feel free to drop by, whether you have issues or just to say hi.

The Places Team