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Is it Time for an Open Source Certificate Authority?

So far there are three free ways to get a free certificate to sign your e-mail and receive encrypted communications: Thawte, Comodo and CAcert. Thawte's root certificate is in mainstream browsers. Thawte's interface is good and the web of trust allows for increased security by verifying people's identity. However Thawte is not open-source; worse: it is own by VeriSign. Comodo's root certificate is in mainstream browsers too but there is no web of trust and their forms are not always working. CAcert is the closest to an open-source certificate authority but is not open-source and it seems that parts of the system are shaky. CAcert provides a web of trust. Unfortunately, CAcert's root certificate is not in mainstream browsers. Don't you think it is time for a true open-source certificate authority? Should this community be related to the Mozilla Foundation and comply, since day one, with the requirements to get a root certificate in Firefox?