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Google debuts desktop search for Macintosh

Terrific news out of Google today: They're releasing a Mac version of Google Desktop.

This software, like the PC version, indexes the content of a computer's hard drive and serves it up on familiar Google-style search-result Web pages (or via its own drop-down results list, if you prefer).

But Google Desktop for the Mac is streamlined compared to the busy, gadget-y Windows version, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The focus is squarely on search -- including local indexing of an online Gmail account of your choice. (This does include the kind offered via the Google Apps for your Domain service.) Too bad the software doesn't index multiple Gmail accounts (I juggle several of 'em, as do many others).

There's some nice twists here. If you delete a file, for instance, the Google software can retrieve a cached version so you don't have to recreate it from scratch.

You get Web-history searching, too, with support for Firefox, Safari and Camino (no mention of OmniWeb). The software will also index your iDisk, if you like.